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As we draw the curtains on the month of November let’s take a moment to reflect on what zoidpay did this month. Through out this month zoidpay had a lot of releases and events as well let’s take a look at what they are;

The zoidpay platform had new ambassadors employees who worked with them through out the the month of November this gave a number of individuals to get involved directly with the project and experience zoidpay on a personal level.

The zoidpay platform also organized a list of online events such as the AMA sessions handled by the CEO himself in the person of “Eduard oneci"which helped alot of individuals get to know more about zoidpay and it’s products some of which are yet to be released the AMA sessions also helped in clearing the doubts that some people had about the project and helped to answer their questions about it as well.

There was also a meme contest organized by zoidpay which gave individuals who had great meme creating skills showcase their talents and win great prizes as a result of their outstanding performances the meme contest featured 3 winners which were rewarded accordingly.

Zoidpay also organized a giveaway with regards to the festive season which as a project was very thoughtful of them to be able to give back to the zoidpay community and individuals who participated as well.

Let’s not forget about the chrome extension which was rolled out in some parts of the world which gives individuals the opportunity to make purchases on retail online stores with crypto assets.alot of videos have been put out as well as articles to give a detailed explanation on how the chrome extension works and more about it which can be found in my Twitter page.

And last but not the least the zoidpay shopping pool auction which is still live at the moment and is rapidly being claimed by individuals all over the world you can still be part of this experience it’s not too late by making an initial deposit of 10,000 $ZPAY tokens and the balance of 90,000 $ZPAY to be paid on the fifth of December making it easier for individuals to claim their shopping pools a small price to pay to become an entrepreneur today.

With all these already mentioned I’m sure you’re pretty excited to see what next zoidpay has to offer to all it’s users stick with us to find out. There’s alot more to come by this Christmas season be a part of the zoidpay community today!!

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