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Today were going to be having a short discussing why you should own a shopping pool on zoidpay. This brings about the question is the zoidpay shopping pool the only platform that offers online retail store ownership ??, The answer is “NO",there are alot of platforms out there that offer such opportunities such as;Shopify ,jumia etc

So what’s so special about the zoidpay shopping pool that makes it’s stand out from it’s competitors.

The zoidpay shopping pool comes with alot of benefits that just the provision of a retail slot. The zoidpay shopping pool reservation and claim come at a cheap rate of 100,000 ZPAY tokens which makes it’s possible for any average individual to claim a slot on the platform.

The zoidpay shopping pool also gives you the opportunity to earn from the platform itself as 15% of the capital is paid to the pool owner monthly which means each pool owner gets 15,000 ZPAY token monthly hereby regaining the invested capital back and an 80,000 ZPAY bonus on top of it apart from the purchases made by customers,shopping pool owners also earn 1% of total revenue generated by their respective pool slots.

The zoidpay shopping pool owner also has the ability to give out loans to customers and earns a certain percentage on every loan return

The zoidpay shopping pool owner also has the ability to offer it’s customers a BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) option which builds trust and loyalty between customer and the pool owner.

The most outstanding feature of the zoidpay shopping pool that makes it so special is the payment options available. Zoidpay took into consideration that a great percentage of the world is now involved in the ownership of cryptocurrency and made it possible for pool owners to receive payments either in the form of FIAT money or cryptocurrency which makes payment easy for crypto owners .

There are alot more benefits that come with owning a shopping pool on the zoidpay platform why read about them when you can experience them yourself the zoidpay shopping pool first claim phase would begin on the 29th of November 2021.

With these few listed benefits I’m sure you would be interested in owning a shopping pool slot right now don’t miss out on this opportunity

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